Entrance Visa to Japan

Processing of paperwork for visa applications has been closed as of April 2, 2009.

Nationals of certain countries are required to acquire adequate visas before entering Japan. If you need an entrance visa to Japan, you should prepare the necessary paperwork with a sufficient amount of lead time. Please, contact the conference secretariat ( with the following information, so that KEK can assist you in preparing the necessary paperwork:

  1. Name (in case of colleagues from China, both in Roman and Chinese characters):
  2. Sex:
  3. Affiliation and Titie:
  4. Nationality:
  5. Address / E-mail / Phone / Fax
  6. Birthday:
  7. Visiting schedule to Japan:
  8. Place to apply for Japan VISA:
  9. Airport of entry to Japan: (Most likely this is Narita
  10. Home Address / Phone
  11. Contact person in case of emergency in your country: Name / Phone / E-mail

If you need a visa, you are strongly advised to contact us no later than February 20, 2009.

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