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From Narita Airport to Tsukuba / From Tsukuba to Narita Airport

For those of you from ouside Japan, the easiest way to come to Tsukuba Center, where the conference venue and many of the hotels are located, is to take a bus from Narita airport (you can also take a taxi to save the time for extra cost). Information sheet is available for bus transportation between Narita Airport and Tsukuba Center.

If you are visiting elsewhere in Japan before coming to Tsukuba, you may take JR train from Tokyo (Joban line) and come to Hitachino Ushiku or Tsuchiura, then take a bus from there. The same Information sheet gives relevant information.

Yet one more other way to come to Tsukuba from Tokyo metropolitan area, and which is perhaps much more convenient than JR, is to use Tsukuba Express (TX) line. This is a train line run by a company separated from JR. A minor challenge, if you are not familiar with Tokyo, is that you have to come to JR Akihabara station first by taking JR Yamanote line etc, then locate a sign which says "TX" at Akihabara. For details, check up the link for Tsukuba Express (TX). Tsukuba station for TX is located underground of the Tsukuba center bus terminal area.

At any rate, please, do note that the conference venue is EPOCHAL Tsukuba and *NOT* KEK. And EPOCHAL Tsukuba is within a walking distance from Tsukuba Center.

Getting around in Tsukuba

Getting around in Tsuchiura

Local Transportation

If you are staying in the hotels where you have to take a bus or train to come to Tsukuba Center. Look up the timetables below:

If you are staying at Urban Hotel and are taking the bus to come to Tsukuba Center, or if you would like to visit KEK from Tsukuba Center, you should use Kando Bus and here is the timetable.

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